The second letter: Tennessee Taxes

Dear legislator:

This is my second letter to you.

It is about taxes.  Taxes are a big deal in Tennessee.  Using those funds in the most responsible way possible is an even bigger deal.  One of the guiding principles might be Tennessee taxes should be used to the maximum benefit of Tennesseans.  Seems simple…..but….

We havent been doing that.  $2.7 million dollars of Tennessee money a day has been going to other states as a result of not taking the federal money for expansion.  The result has been a hospital system under financial attack, particularly in rural or small town areas.  Hospitals have closed.  More are in danger.  The overall quality of care for thousands of Tennesseans has been in danger.  Tennessee money, Tennessee value has not been going to Tennessee.

The most hurtful thing has not even been the economic cost, but the human cost.  It is not just that the money hasnt gone to Tennessee.  The money has not gone to Tennesseans.  People who could have gotten care, vital and needed care, in their most needed and scary moments have not gotten it.

Insure Tennessee takes Tennessee taxes and puts it towards Tennesseans.  That should be enough said.  But add one more thing.  “at no cost to the Tennessee budget.  Not one penny of state funds.”

Like every Tennessean I would like to see the taxes I pay- all the taxes I pay- go to make my life and the lives of other Tennesseans better.  

Please support Insure Tennessee.  Support Governor Haslam.  It is the right thing to do.

Until next time.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain


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